Faculty At ICP

BA (Psychology, Afrikaans-Nederlands & Biblical Studies), HED, BA Hons (Psychology), MA (Counselling Psychology), Master’s degree in Online and Distance Education (MAODE), PhD (Psychology)

Prof dr Joubert is a registered Counselling Psychologist in private practice who obtained her Master’s degree from UNISA and later went on to obtain her Ph.D in Psychology from Northwest University. Prof dr Joubert is a well-known speaker on the effects of trauma and the development of Dissociative Identity Disorder. She is also a post-graduate supervisor for the South African Theological Seminary (SATS).

She is an executive board member of the Council of Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors (CPSC) and a board member of the Association of Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP). She is also a board member of the European Movement Of Christian Anthropology, Psychotherapy and Psychology (EMCAPP).

She is a lifelong honorary member of The Red Cross Society and also a member of organizations such as the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA), and the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD).

Her recent publications include:
Joubert, Nicolene L. 2018. “The Value of Applied Christian Community Psychology in Healthcare” and “Ethical dilemmeas and pastoral counselling in the healthcare environment.” In Proceedings of the 2nd Biennial South African Conference on Spirituality and Healthcare, edited by André de la Porte, Nicolene Joubert and Annemarie Oberholzer

Prof dr Joubert received an honorary award in 2018 from Die Afrikaanse Protestantse Akademie NPC for her dedication and contribution to the fields of Christian psychology and Christian counselling (2001-2008).

BA Ed, B Ed, M Ed (Psychology of Education), D Ed (Psychology of Education)

Approximately 30 years teaching/lecturing/facilitator experience.

Counselling for almost 20 years.

Currently also involved in Vocational Training.

Program coordinator and Head of Department at ICP for BA / Education/ Sociology.

Proofreading and editing of numerous academic publications.

Dr du Plessis received an honorary award from Die Afrikaanse Protestantse Akademie NPC for her contributions and hard work.

(M.A. Psychology)

Qualified as a Research Psychologist, from the University of the Western Cape, Ninky is a human behaviour specialist and has conducted extensive social and marketing research across the continent. She has worked across various industries and organisations including: The Coca-Cola Company, Statistics South Africa, The South African Gambling Board and the Botswana National Productivity Centre. Ninky is also entrepreneur and loves to explore new ventures and solutions which enhance people’s lives.

She started off her career as an academic as a Junior Lecturer at the University of the Western Cape and has gone back to pursuing her academic interest and is currently a lecturer at the Institute of Christian Psychology, lecturing Psychology subjects to both undergraduate and post graduate students.

Ninky is a member of Perfecting Church International and loves to share Biblical information and encourage young people. She is proficient in 9 of the 11 South African languages and in the process of learning French.

Willem Joubert has been educated amongst others in business management (three qualifications with two top awards) and has a diploma in ministry. He is an ordained minister of the International Apostolic Mission. Willem's MBA dissertation was titled: "The impact of a spiritual wellness programme on top executives."

He was a lecturer in Christian Industrial Psychology, Sociology and Biblical Studies at the Institute of Christian Psychology and is a business and marketplace ministry consultant. As tentmaker, he is programme manager at the African Process Engineering Company (APEC). He teaches on prayer and intercession throughout the world.

Willem is the founder and head of the Luke 10 Transformation International (L-10-T) ministry which teaches a lifestyle of faith and outreach to every believer. The minstry has been taught in more than 40 countries worldwide where it is spread to more and more people via a network of country coordinators and master trainers.

Willem is married to professor Nicolene Joubert and they have four living adult children and one grandchild.

(B.A., B Psych)

Dannilie Oosthuizen is a counsellor (B.A., B Psych) involved in High School Florida and in the Teaching ministry. She has been married to Jaco Oosthuizen since 2000; a pastor specialized in youth ministry, and has a daughter Stepheni.

Her fields of interest are to equip, build up and help children and adults to be restored and re-established. On her journey she has learned to shed sorrow and baggage without being overwhelmed. As the spirit of Wisdom guided her He helped her gain confidence in taking up her authority to teach the Word. Through humility and resting in God, He prepared her for what He has called her to do.

Finally, she knows that she is supported and blessed by God and that He wants to take her to hope, joy and gladness.

Antoinette has been working at the Institute of Christian Psychology (Germiston Campus of Die Afrikaanse Protestantse Akademie NPC) since 2006. She started as the Receptionist and Prof Joubert’s Personal Assistant, and later on filled the position of Registrar, Librarian, e-Learning Support and Business Manager.

In 2007 she received a Diligence award and in 2018 Die Afrikaanse Protestantse Akademie NPC awarded her an honorary award for outstanding work at the Germiston Campus (2006-2018). When she is not at the ICP, she is a mother to a beautiful son and wife to Dewald, whom she married in 20015.

Her passion for Zumba® and dance resulted in her becoming a Zumba® fitness instructor in 2017, presenting classes for both adults and children a couple of times a week and starting classes for Epworth Children’s Home in the near future. Antoinette holds diplomas in Business Management and Interior Décor & Design, as well as a diploma in Photography.

Antoinette is also a part-time Photographer and minimalist in the making. Her faith has helped her through many hardships.